Cute Mischievous Cat/Cats An Unusual Abandoned Cat Enters a Shelter And Amazes People With Its Size

An Unusual Abandoned Cat Enters a Shelter And Amazes People With Its Size

One day an unusual cat was admitted to an animal shelter in Philadelphia. His former owners brought him to the shelter because they could no longer take care of him. The cat was very large for a non-breed cat and weighed 26 pounds.At least they done the right thing by taking him to a shelter, unlike some cruel owners that decide to dump pets on the street to fend for themselves. That’s NOT! okay!! But I’m so glad they took him to the shelter to find a forever family! It still sad that owners have to come to that decision especially when they’ve been raised by them. God bless the woman that took him, he looks like such an angel. 🙏🏾Several years ago I had a female cat similar in appearance. She weighed about 23lbs. I had gone to the local shelter, and I debated for a while between her and a kitten. I knew that it was more likely that the kitten would be adopted than a three year old, so I chose her. She was one of the sweetest cats that I ever had. At the time, I lived in an apartment complex, and I would leash her and walk to the central mailbox. Residents who weren’t familiar would walk up to us thinking that she was a dog! I miss her still.We lived in a mountain community and after a bad storm a very large cat showed up on our porch. It seems he escaped from the animal shelter a few miles away. He was over 25 pounds. He was the most gentle lovable cat we ever had. His name was Moose !BJ is just so huggable! Because of his size, he may have been a food expense the previous owners could not handle. I am just glad they gave him to a good shelter instead of abandoning him outside.Beejay looks like he is just meant to be a big boy, he doesn’t look necessarily obese; just naturally a big guy and healthy looking. Congrats to a cat-lovin’ mama and her handsome son!!!💖🙏😽Beautiful big kitty! And beautiful big hearted woman holding him and calling him ” King”! YOU dear lady are one of this lifes’ treasures! Thank you for your daily kindness and love to our 4 legged babies. ❤I had a cat like him named Big Cat when I lived in Amherst, Massachusetts. He used to bring me half a squirrel and other presents from his hunts. I think he had some of the Maine Coon Cat in his genetics but he was also over twenty pounds. Just as sweet and loving as can be…This guy takes me back 55 years to those precious memories.I will never understand how someone can give up a pet. My cats are my children. I’m disabled with many health problems but my cats are very well taken care of! I’ll keep and love them till my last breath.Thank you to the people at the shelter and the kind compassionate lady who adopted him. God bless this big cat his new owner and the people at the shelter. Thank you for loving this cat and giving him a home. 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️I had a stray tuxedo male cat come to my door last year. He weighs 21 pounds and is coolest cat I’ve ever had over my 60 years of adopting strays. Pure muscle mass and big bones. Cant carry him too long he’s so big and heavy! Love him!!!

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