Cute Mischievous Cat/Cats Shelter Cat Starts Crying When He’s Not Held, So Staff Finds Solution

Shelter Cat Starts Crying When He’s Not Held, So Staff Finds Solution

When the 15-year-old cat arrived at the shelter in early June, he was very shabby. Shelter staff had to work overtime to give him the medical care he needed. The cat was named Dougie and he is incredibly sociable and very people-oriented. Doug deserves to be held all the time, he’s nervous about being old & alone! But I wonder if it would make him feel better if they adopt a love starved needy kitten. Doug could take her/him under his wing, teaching independence & being an adult! Might be helpful to both! Doug feels needed & kitten has a mentor!Humans can recognize what is needed and wanted. I am glad this cat was around people willing to fulfill his need or want because they wanted him happy. I wish more people felt the same way as the ones at this shelter.Dougie is a beautiful and loving cat. He’s absolutely precious. I’m glad he has a home now. He deserves one, as do all the fur babies sitting in the shelters and all of the community cats.Seeing him is like seeing my beloved orange tabby I lost 2 years ago. He was a lover and the other cats were drawn to him. We were devoted to each other. I’m so happy for this handsome boy. Thank you staff and Ashley.He’s just beautiful and looks very healthy! It breaks my heart to see any animal in a shelter, especially older pets because they are harder to adopt. My next cat will be a senior from a shelter, they are so deserving for however many years they have left, to be in a home. My one kitty is 16 years old and I’ve had her since she was 6 months old. I couldn’t imagine her being in a shelter. Thank you for taking such good care of this sweetheart and for the lady that adopted him, you are all angels! ❤

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